• Bonus Track: Everyday "Live" (feat. Mike Phillips)7:10
  • Pushin' On (feat. Nils)4:31
  • In the Day (feat. Althea Rene)3:47

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Lin Rountree, the Soul-Jazz/R&B Trumpeter, is the latest artist to emerge from the ‘new’ Detroit music factory. His playing has been described as soulful, funky, and sensual.  Be it R&B, Soul or Groove Jazz, he has an innate ability to connect his music to his listener’s soul.  

the soul-trumpeter

Lin Rountree​​

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STRONGER STILL the new CD from Trippin N' Rhythm recording artist Lin Rountree features some of the Industry's  hottest artists and producers and is set to release this February 2018.   The first single  "Pass The Groove" produced by Michael Broening is currently one of the HOTTEST songs in Contemporary Jazz  and is flying up the National Billboard Charts. 



the soul trumpeter

​​​ "Pass The Groove"  the new hit single!

#5 on the National Charts and Climbing!